Walls Truck Services are happy to announce we have paired up with HINO a new innovative company that is apart of the Toyota Group. Since 2013 we have supplied the 300 and 700 Series to local and multi-national companies across the United Kingdom.  A full brochure and Further information are available by clicking the links below.

There are some things that cannot be compromised as long as the HINO 300 wears the HINO badge. One of these is its world-class environmental performance. DPR (Diesel Particulate active Reduction system) is one of the advanced technologies that HINO has been able to achieve only because we had been reducing emission levels and improving fuel efficiency to develop trucks that were environmentally friendly and economically efficient long before environmental conservation became a social issue. And we have added a new engine equipped with DPR, the EURO 4 engine, to our lineup. Equipped with the latest technologies including common rail fuel injection, cool EGR and the DPR cleaner (collects 95% of soot), all of which are controlled in a collaborated manner, the engine complies with Japan’s new long-term emission regulations, the strictest emission regulation in the world. Needless to say, its styling was designed to suit its environment-friendly performance. The cab expresses the HINO style and its aerodynamic form contributes to fuel efficiency and blends in with urban and natural landscapes. The reason why the HINO 300 series exudes a presence that makes it feel greater than a light-duty truck could be because we have absolute confidence in its excellent environmental performance, economic efficiency and aesthetic beauty.

Is it too much to ask for good fuel efficiency, low emissions, powerful driving performance, and durability in a heavy-duty truck? We don’t think so. With the HINO 700 Series, we have aimed to meet these needs. One of the development goals we have set for ourselves was that the truck should deliver good performance under harsh operating conditions. HINO has conducted studies of various operating conditions around the world. Additionally, we gathered trucks that have been on the road under various conditions for 1-1.5 million kilometers and studied them. We then derived vehicular and performance specs based on these data, and conducted various tests throughout the development process. The reason that every single part in the HINO 700 Series contributes to delivering high durability and powerful driving performance while achieving low emissions and good fuel efficiency is, we believe, the no-compromise spirit and technological capabilities that go into the development of our trucks. Another reason is the after-sales service system that comes with our trucks, which aims to give you peace of mind in operating your trucks for years to come.

300 series

700 series